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Welcome to the Advocates program

We want your voice heard. Adobe Stock is committed to making authentic and culturally representative imagery more widely available. The mission of the new Adobe Stock Advocates program is to showcase and support outstanding new voices and visuals that are honest and impactful.

abstract graphic wave with pink, blue, orange coloring swirling around like oil in water across the page horizontally

Call for Content

Latinx man with yellow snake, pride in heritage, celebration of self, contemporary Latinx culture

Adobe Artist: Cavan Images

We all bring our unique values and life experiences to the work we create. To help inspire honest, impactful visual content that truly resonates, we’ve designed eight intersectional creative briefs for visuals in 2021. Everyone is invited to participate by creating inclusive content and amplifying diverse voices: Use these creative briefs and draw on your own experiences to inspire your project ideas.

Get inspired, get creating, and submit your best work to Adobe Stock:



Vector Art


As part of the Advocates program goal of celebrating culturally diverse work, outstanding projects will be chosen for promotion to the Adobe community. This includes features across Creative Cloud social media, blogs, and homepages, throughout the year.

We're looking for pre-existing content as well as bespoke submissions around the briefs. Look in your hard drive; you may already have imagery that’s a perfect fit for one of our creative briefs. If you do, we’d love to see it. Submit your content for any of the eight intersectional creative briefs and become part of Adobe Stock Advocates.

Explore the creative briefs

Contemporary nonbinary couple, wearing bright yellow shirt, smiling, Latinx woman, LGBTQ

Identity & Gender

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illustration of protest and civic activation

Circles of Activism

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Veteran father helps daughter with homework, Veteran life, family life

Veterans Return

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Muslim woman in bright yellow headdress

Beliefs and Rituals

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Photograph of traditional meat pie on pink and orange abstract background

Taste of Heritage

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Contemporary family portrait, mid-aged woman with parents of afro-Latinx descent

Family Life

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Young man with vitiligo on his face, portrait with mauve background

Celebration of Self

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Photo of black woman with afro dancing, arms up, one leg up, tilted to the right, wearing a fun bright orange jumpsuit that looks like a worker's construction suit, full of joy, dancing and smiling

Joyful Rhythm

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