Beliefs & Rituals

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Muslim woman in yellow scarf closed eyes

Adobe Artist: Amaal Said

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the waves of social upheaval and movements around the world, to the increasing alarm bells of climate change, we’re living in an unpredictable age.

For some, organized religion or spiritual journeys have been part of life since birth. For others, in times of stress or crisis, it seems natural to turn to spirituality and faith as a grounding force.

Too many media depictions of religion or sacred ways rely on stereotypical or outdated images of belief and ritual. Religion or spirituality is not only practiced in a church or mosque; our beliefs are woven into the way we dress, the objects in our homes, the way we prepare our food, how we teach our children, and how we interact with the world. With this creative brief, we’re interested in how modern spiritual and religious practices present themselves today—and how people of all backgrounds and faiths are interpreting traditions or creating their own.

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Black man praying

Adobe Artist: Tom Merton - Caia Image

Modern religion, muslim family, muslim baby girl and mother

Adobe Artist: Odua Images

Diverse and colorful grid of images

Adobe Artists:, Kkgas - Stocksy, Kavya Tiwari - EyeEm & Saptak Ganguly - Stocksy

Beliefs & Rituals:Inspiration

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique take on Beliefs and Rituals.

Belief at home

How daily life in different major religions looks today—and how modernity, technology, LGBTQ+ acceptance, immigration, and secularism influence their practices around the world. We’re looking for modern, accurate representations of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and more.

Jewish family, little Jewish children, holiday celebration, happy child

Adobe Artist: Cavan Images

Modern indigenous spirituality

Adobe Artist: Gabriel Bucataru - Stocksy

Prayer and practice

The sacred objects, venues of worship, and rituals of prayer and spirituality in modern and historical religious practice and indigenous sacred ways. These images illuminate the way objects and spaces are arranged and enlisted in focusing belief. Encompassing Western traditions, practices of devotion across Asia, regional and global indigenous traditions, and beyond.

Witches, brujas, shamans

Interest in magick, paganism, Wicca, and the practice of witchcraft is having a Renaissance, especially online. Many are rediscovering ways to celebrate and connect with nature, while connecting with each other digitally. Healing herb gardens, spellbooks for selfcare, Tarot cards, and altar spaces: today’s new wave of witches blend old and new traditions and invent their own.

Illustrated modern witch with pink background

Adobe Artist: Giulio Rossi






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