Taste of Heritage

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Overhead of people eating asian seafood hotpot

Adobe Artist: Biruoh

Food is life. For many, food is also a passion, hobby, and even a vital pillar of identity.

Individualism, knowledge, and the desire for a healthy lifestyle all serve as key components to the modern focus on wellness, sustainability, and global cuisine.

Interest in heritage continues to rise, sending more of us delving into our family histories and reveling in ancestral recipes and traditions. Additionally, our palettes have broadened, with consumers becoming bolder, more educated, and hungering for more varied global tastes.

Food choice is a privilege, and its nuances are increasingly in the spotlight. Above all, food is now about lifestyle and aligning our choices with our beliefs. This creative brief invites you to explore depictions of how our interactions with food and cooking embody our value systems, our lineage, ethnicity, upbringing, and dreams for the future.

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Adobe Artist: RedcupStudio

Cheerful multi-generational females preparing lunch at kitchen counter in backyard on sunny day

Adobe Artist: Carlos David

Grid of 4 photos. 1: Woman looking at old recipe book and cooking. 2: Smiling mother talking to children while having breakfast at dining table. 3: Woman with freckle picking cauliflower in vegetable garden. 4: Barbeque shrimp in cast iron skillet on white table.

Adobe Artists: Simi Jois, Alder, Steve Brookland - Westend61 & Oriana Koren

Taste of Heritage:

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique take on the Taste of Heritage.
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Family food


Steaming plates passed from hand to hand, precious recipes passed down from generation to generation; food as a conduit for intercultural and intergenerational connection and storytelling.

Person with a plate of food at an outdoor dinner party

Adobe Artist: Oriana Koren

Baking cutting out biscuits from rolled out dough

Adobe Artist: Oriana Koren

Feeding our communities


Stepping up in service to our communities, helping those struggling with hunger through food-related non-profits, activations, charities, community fridges and mutual aid. These images explore how, in times of struggle, we can come together through the binding force of food to express our deepest values.

Sustainable futures


Conscious consumption, compostable packaging, innovation in the kitchen, and indigenous food sovereignty movements—in service to a cleaner environment, global food justice, and a healthier future for our children and theirs, through food.

A couple smiling in front of the harvested onions

Adobe Artist: Hideo Tsuto






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