Healing Reflections

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A man in black shirt sitting and doing qigong. Hands direct energy. Prayer, gratitude.Practicing monk. Qi energy. Yoga pose. Close up

Adobe Artist: Anna

Many of us faced remarkable obstacles in the past few years: economic and political instability, illness, and fear.

Yet, there is also defiance and hope, as people everywhere are taking these moments of darkness to center themselves around what is most important. Throughout all forms of visual media, we’re seeing themes of regeneration, rebirth, and a newfound value placed on healing and loving the self as a vital step towards greater happiness and connection with others.

In this creative brief, we invite you to explore the many ways we journey inward to soothe the wounds of our psyches—and how we express and experience healing through physical practice. Today, “self care” is a concept as inescapable as it is personal, and visuals should accurately depict the true range of people, cultures, ages, and practices it includes.

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Adobe Artist: Halfpoint

Diverse Group of Seniors Meditate in the Park

Adobe Artist: McKinsey Jordan - Stocksy

Grid of 4 images. 1: Pregnant Caribbean Indigenous woman in bathtub admiring baby bump. 2: Martial arts in the city. 3: Woman practicing yoga at home. 4: Illustration of woman leading a sound bath with singing bowls.

Adobe Artists: Mecoh Bain, Ana Luz Crespi - Stocksy, Jovo Jovanovic - Stocksy & Jerilyn Guerrero

Healing Reflections:

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique vision of self care and connected healing.
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Moments of stillness


Intimate glimpses in serene places; contemplative moments of self-care and self-soothing; conceptual images of healing rituals; meditation—images that allude to all the ways we quietly nurture ourselves and our health, in body and mind.

Filipino woman acrylic painting on easel

Adobe Artist: Mecoh Bain

African American mother comforting daughter

Adobe Artist: Tetra Images

Body as temple


Training, running, lifting, playing—fitness imagery that spans popular and niche activities; solo, group and team sports. These images reflect the endurance, persistence, and empowerment of physical activity, inclusive of all body and skin types, ages, genders, and abilities.

New and old approaches


Contemporary approaches to mental wellbeing and self care incorporate an expanding mix of old and new, blending influences, learnings, and family traditions from different cultures, regions, and disciplines. These images hold space for all the angles from which we approach wholeness.

Adobe Artist: Kristen Curette Photography LLC/Stocksy






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