Celebration of Self

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The Birth of Venus recreation

Adobe Artist: Adam Perez

Our depictions of the body and perceptions of what defines beauty have always been in flux across history and culture.

Contemporary notions of beauty have been narrow—but that’s beginning to change. Today’s beauty includes all skin types and tones; all ages; all abilities. We want to redefine beauty beyond outdated norms to include and prioritize the unique traits that make us special—the inner fire that burns bright in each of us and in every community and connection.

In our saturated digital landscape, with the next generation eagerly watching and forming their ideals, it has never been more important for creatives and the media to promote and represent authentic bodies. With this creative brief, we’re opening the door to imagery and content celebrating body self-love and appreciation of who we are as individuals.

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Adobe Artist: Gerardo Rojas Juárez

two women friends smiling with glasses wearing rainbow pride flag themed earrings

Adobe Artist: Alp Peker

4 Images in a Grid. 1: Twin girls with Down Syndrome sitting next to each other while throwing hands in the air. 2: Woman with disability in wheelchair taking selfie on smartphone. 3:Young blond haired transgender male looking at mirror and applying blush on cheek in room with pink interior. 4: Close up portrait of girl with freckles.

Adobe Artists: Anna Neubauer, Addictive Stock, Alvaro Gonzalez - Addictive Stock & Ejatu Shaw

Celebration of Self:

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique take on body acceptance and the celebration of self.
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Disability looks like


Representing authentic depictions of how people are living life with a disability or chronic illness. Not all physical impairments or chronic conditions are always visible, and they are only part of the stories of those who live with them. These images make space for the reality of life for disabled individuals, as well as interabled couples, families, friend groups, and more.

Little girl with down syndrome relaxing at the beach

Adobe Artist: Jamie Grill photography - Stocksy

Male friends laughing together in a studio

Adobe Artist: Jacob Lund

All shapes, sorts, and sizes


Large or small, short, or tall, or anywhere in between, these images examine and celebrate the details and totality of the face and body of any skin type, tone, and condition, and all sizes. Real people of all ages relaxing at home, alone or with loved ones, at work and out in the world.

Self through the lens of gender


What does gender mean to you? There is more than one way to express who you are but there is only one you. Redefining and reshaping interpretations of masculinity, femininity, and all the ways we express our true selves.

Asian youth holding transgender flag with chopsticks

Adobe Artist: Biruoh






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