Joyful Rhythm

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Geometric photo of young pretty black woman in an orange full-body jumpsuit, dancing and expressing herself fully with her right knee lifted at a 90 degree angle, and her arms raised, inspiring and free image of a contemporary black woman, dancing, contemporary dance

Adobe Artist: Max Belchenko

The way we move and the noise we make expresses our dreams and desires, our vulnerabilities and our strengths.

As we relocate from our hometowns to new cities, or immigrate to new countries, we bring music and dance styles to our new homes. Movement and music are vibrant conversations that connect our histories and the values of our cultures to our priorities today.

We want to see imagery that captures dance and gesture, instruments and music-making, and other forms of artistic expression. With this topic, we seek to capture and celebrate the global variations and regional nuances of how we use our bodies and voices to communicate strength and declare resistance, power, and joy.

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Illustration of two dancing figures reminiscent of Picasso's wooden doll painting models joker period

Adobe Artist: Jaye Kang

Photograph of woman dancing, woman with half a shaved head dancing in a green field, contemporary dancer, swinging arms

Adobe Artist: Cavan for Adobe

Grid of four images, clockwise from top left: Image of black man producing music in front of multiple screens in black hat and red flannel shirt, white woman in mustard yellow shirt dancing in front of stark blue wall, black woman abstract dance, modern dance and ballet with Asian man fully twisting in the air with white columns

Adobe Artists: Gorodenkoff & Vitta Gallery - Westend61, Laurent Dambreville - EyeEm & Vista by Westend61

Joyful Rhythm:Inspiration

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique take on Joyful Rhythm.

Making music

Sounds of power from pain to jubilation; family singalongs and street musicians; orchestras, solo artists, and local bands. These images capture global and community music-making traditions, instruments, and gatherings that attest to the power of song and sound.

Image of cool black singer man with microphone on dark red background, high contrast image

Adobe Artist: Danil Nevsky - Stocksy

Black woman with dreds dancing on the street, ballet, professional ballet dance, beauty, full body in the air

Adobe Artist: Ammar Thomas

Get moving

Dance and gesture as vehicles for cross-cultural conversation and storytelling; emotions, ideas, politics, and personal narratives made physical and visceral. Subcultures and regional variations, fresh and traditional dance, martial arts, meaningful gestures, and all the ways you take up space.

Ceremony and celebration

Movement and music from singular moments and milestones specific to a family, a culture, or just a certain hometown. Celebrations with music or dance from all corners of the world.

Cool contemporary black woman dancing with bright purple and green streaks of color across the scene, cool Asian friend sitting on steps with street clothes

Adobe Artist: Hquality






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