Veterans Return

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Woman veteran embraces young son

Adobe Artist: Mark Edward Atkinson - Tracey Lee - Blend Images

Those who serve or have served in the armed forces around the world know that experience becomes an indelible part of their identity.

Yet, outside the veteran community, that experience is too often deeply misunderstood or unacknowledged.

Visual media has a role to play in expanding our understanding of who serves in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, and what it means to serve. We’re also interested in imagery depicting how veterans rejoin civilian life, and how these experiences might look different for people of different genders, ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. With this creative brief, we’re seeking visuals accurately depicting active members of the armed forces and modern veterans of all ages and backgrounds, engaging with each other in service or training, and in daily life with their families, friends, and wider communities.

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Adobe Artist: Tetra Motion

Female army engineer mother walking with children in military airplane hangar

Adobe Artist: Hero Images

Grid of 4 images. 1: Soldier helping his daughter push a shopping cart. 2: Black mother and daughter celebrating and having fun playing games in family room at home. 3: Happy military family taking selfie on sofa. 4: Portrait of elderly WWII veteran.

Adobe Artists: Sean Murphy, Gerald R Carter Jr - Creative Flame, Hero Images & Mint Images

Veterans Return:

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique take on veterans and active service members in daily life.
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Tips for submitting content portraying veterans and active service members to Adobe Stock

  • Portrayals of models depicting military members should be depicted in a positive or neutral way.
  • Avoid military insignia, crests, and emblems; many are trademarked symbols of the DoD (US Department of Defense). Contributors are recommended to conduct their own research prior to submitting content. Isolated close-ups can be problematic. Images are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • If U.S. military trademarks (e.g. US Army) are present, they should be incidental to the scene. Depictions are recommended to be partially or fully obscured creatively; for example via: model body position, camera shot angle, bunched fabric etc.
  • Adhere to uniform and grooming standards.

Active and serving


Images of active armed forces members should reflect the diverse reality of our world. We’re seeking current, contemporary images including accurate uniforms (U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) worn by people of varying ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, body sizes, body and skin types.

Ferguson Members Of The National Guard At Command Center Checkpoint

Adobe Artist: Sean Locke - Stocksy

Military officer in dress uniform father kissing son at window

Adobe Artist: Hero Images

Families reunited


Veterans often return to the workforce alongside a support network of family and close friends, including life with their parents, children, partners or extended families, among others. An exploration of “family” reunions and daily moments through a contemporary and inclusive lens, acknowledging the breadth of what being a “family” may entail.

In the community


Bringing the service ethos back to local communities through direct action and activism, as well as community promotion of traditional and non-traditional mental health support and physical rehabilitation. These images reveal veterans and active service members getting involved and working together to bring about positive change at home.

High angle view of family embracing soldier

Adobe Artist: Cavan Images






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