Family Life

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Lesbian parents sitting out on front steps of their home with their daughter

Adobe Artist: Lisa Weatherbee

How does a family look?

There are as many answers as there are modern families. While families have always been diverse, the increasing acceptance of that diversity has allowed more people to be seen and heard.

With this creative brief, we welcome imagery that openly and accurately depicts the modern family in all its multifaceted splendor. These images gather and celebrate families of every background: parents, children, and every person, relative, or loved one contributing to the love and care of a household.

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Adobe Artist: Monkey Business

Joyous reunion in eucalyptus grove

Adobe Artist: Erin Brant - Stocksy

Grid of 4 images. 1: Gay male parents having fun with their sons outdoor in summer day - Lgbt family taking a selfie with smartphone camera - Main focus on left dad face. 2: People At Beach Against Blue Sky. 3: 2 children playing in a tent at home. 5: Woman braids daughter's hair for her whilst she watches television.

Adobe Artists: Vane Nunes, Mohd Fazlipang Abdullah - EyeEm, Studio Firma - Stocksy & Ejatu Shaw

Family Life:

Need some more inspiration? Here are some angles to consider. Pick one and run with it or explore your own unique take on Family Life.
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Mixing tradition


Families that bring together differing ethnic, cultural, or religious backgrounds, or immigrate from different lands, turn the home into a site of diverse cultural learning and growth through passed-down traditions, blended holidays, and everyday activities.

Portrait mother kissing daughter wearing traditional Mexican dress by fair lights

Adobe Artist: ByLorena - Stocksy

Family together in backyard

Adobe Artist: Mike Tauber - Blend Images

More than two


Family groups beyond nuclear: multigenerational households where grandpa, auntie, cousins and siblings all share space; polyamorous triads, quads or more; extended collectives of friends and chosen family.

Welcoming life


More ways of caring for family are being increasingly accepted. Family might mean unions of any gender, traditional pregnancy, adoption, IVF, or surrogacy. There’s also space for imagery of child-free families, or families who have experienced loss. Caregivers come in many forms, including single parents by choice, grandparents, or extended family members rearing children and providing care. These images explore the beautiful and bumpy road to parenthood from every angle.

Father reads a book to his two daughters on sofa whilst they laugh

Adobe Artist: Ejatu Shaw






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