Roxanne Gonzales

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London, GB

Artist Development Fund recipient, 2022

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"People engage with healing in many different ways, from music and exercise to more independent activities like journaling. Through my project, I aim to create illustrations of the lived experiences of Filipinos in London, particularly with the challenges of mental health and how we choose to address them."

Meet Roxanne

Roxanne Gonzales (she/her) is a British-Filipina illustrator and half of creative duo @we.are.raya. Based in London, she is best known for imagining spaces into playful illustrations through color, pattern, and hidden easter eggs. Roxanne’s interest stems from rooms and the way people inhabit them. Her illustration style attempts to document moments while translating a story’s emotion through body language and the details of her surroundings.

Roxanne’s work centers around themes of self-expression, identity, and community, matched with her strikingly bold color palette. Having experienced the cultural hybrid of being a Filipina, born and raised in London, she is passionate about celebrating Filipino culture and representing the diversity of the Philippines. She also enjoys exploring her interests of music and interior design through her artwork. Her Adobe Stock Artist Development Fund project was inspired by the creative briefs, Joyful Rhythm and Healing Reflections. The project, “Life Swings,” sheds light on the fluctuations of our wellbeing and how we can deal with this through everyday activities. Although the project is for all, “Life Swings” is rooted in the lack of mental health discussions within Filipino homes and encourages Filipinos to start having those conversations, using subtle nods in the choice of place and objects. “People cope and engage in healing activities in many different ways, from music and exercise to independent activities like journaling, as well as group activities,” she says. “Through my project, I intend to create illustrations of lived experiences of Filipinos in London facing the challenges of mental health and how we choose to flow with it.”

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