Simi Jois

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Illinois, U.S.

Artist Development Fund recipient, 2021

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Photograph of Simi Jois

“I feel more of a need now than ever to share my Indian food heritage, to preserve it, and pass it on to the next generation.”

Meet Simi

Maitreyi “Simi” Jois is a culinary photographer and stylist based in Chicago, IL. Inspired by the ingredients, spices, and dishes from her own kitchen, she aims to share the rich flavors of her Indian heritage through bold, immersive images.

For her Artist Development Fund project, Simi responds to the Taste of Heritage creative brief. “As a woman of color,” she says, “I want to share my personal narrative as a first-generation immigrant. But it isn’t just my story to tell. I use my camera to capture stories from members of my diaspora: people who preserve culinary traditions while creating beautiful new ones in Indian-American homes.”

Simi believes that her love for creating unique flavors deeply informs her passion for culinary optics. Her work has been featured on MSN, Better Homes, theKitchn, The Hindu Newspaper, and more.


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