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Create the stock photos, videos, illustrations, and design elements that stock buyers want. Here, get fresh inspiration, strategic insights, and more from Adobe Stock thought leaders and curators.
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Video content needs

Direction and insights for filmmakers and video artists, to inform your productions and create the stock footage buyers are searching for right now.

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Call for Content

Authentic people and personalities

Realistic, accurate, and unfiltered images of diverse people and personalities are more in demand among stock buyers than ever. Navigate the new frontiers of relevant and real stock.

Call for Content

Most wanted vector graphics and illustrations

Get insights and trending themes for your stock vectors, illustrations, and design elements.

Call for Content

Backgrounds and design assets

Learn about the backgrounds, textures, icons, and other individual design assets most in demand.

Prioritize our Planet

More than just a continuation of the move toward greater sustainability, this imagery captures our hunger for regeneration, healing, and nature’s rebirth.


The Centered Self

Imagery that expresses the many ways we are all prioritizing mental wellbeing, boundaries, and sustaining mental and spiritual health.


In the Groove

Stock imagery that expresses the many ways we are all prioritizing mental wellbeing, boundaries, and sustaining mental and spiritual health.


Powerfully Playful

Elevating imagery that celebrates the most cheerful parts of life, bringing welcome levity to troubled days.


Soft Pop

With a focus on fun, pliable forms, these designs are largely characterized by 3D cartooning, character narrative, and squishy appearances.

New Naturalism

Defined by their clean modernism and almost-clinical elevation of the organic, these visuals are inspired by process art, post-minimalism, and clean living.

Otherworldly Visions

Drawing from a slightly cynical yet progressive alternate reality, these designs can include ethereal illustrations, optical illusions, and dreamy contrasts.

Heritage Craft

Celebrate craftsmanship and maximalism from all over the world by examining local folk art, patterns, and design.
The Building style modern with butterflies on colorful background

Dimensional Delights

Hyperrealism meets a sense of sweetness and whimsy—using cutting edge advanced technology to enact surreal levels of fun by playing with scale, optical illusions, and more to express depth.

Freedom in moving. Mid-air shot of pretty happy young woman jumping and gesturing against coral studio background. 

Get Moving

Across every key industry, we see huge and growing popularity of all things movement, dance, and rhythm.

Outlined Title

Copy and Captions

Text, captions, subtitles—however you do it, text elements are an absolute must for social content, with these templates that communicate quickly and clearly.

Metaverse mix video reel

Metaverse Mix

Stock videos and motion graphics that seem to seep out of the internet and into our physical reality with a deluge of visuals incorporating digital effects, grids, and more.

Research Insights

Seasonal Inspiration

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