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Autumn Call for Content

The Adobe Stock visual collections and trends for Autumn 2022 are here! Get cozy with the color palettes, imagery, and themes you’ll be seeing (and stock buyers will be searching for) this season.

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Vector illustration depicting Overhead of people eating asian seafood hotpot, by Biruoh / Adobe Stock

Taste of Heritage

Food is life. For many, food is also a passion, hobby, and even a vital pillar of identity. Above all, food is now about lifestyle and aligning our choices with our beliefs. This creative brief invites you to explore depictions of food and cooking. Get inspired — then upload your photos, videos, and illustrations to Adobe Stock.

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Modern Indigenous Stories

In-demand stock visuals depicting Native and Indigenous communities today in the U.S. Check out the creative brief for important tips, topics, and themes to inform your new illustrations and photo or video productions.

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Three women of different ethnicity. Colorful vector illustration. Diversity, friendship, unity, emotional support By Monika jurczyk

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Artist Spotlight: Lynne Hardy

illustrator Lynne Hardy shares her self-acceptance journey and how she takes inspiration from her Navajo culture to create meaningful art.

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