Phatthranit Osman

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United Kingdom.

Artist Development Fund recipient, 2021

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Photograph of Phatthranit Osman

Photograph of Phatthranit Osman

“Every illustration I create is made with passion and love, with the intention of spreading positivity and awareness for people and communities that have often been overlooked.”

Meet Birouh

Phatthranit Osman (also known as “Biruoh”) is a a UI/UX designer and illustrator from Thailand, currently based in Cork, Ireland. Since childhood, Biruoh has been inspired by video games, and drawn to color as a way of expressing mood and emotion.

Deeply invested in raising awareness about the importance of diversity and helping others, she often spends her time creating art tutorials and guides, which she shares with her followers online. In her project for Adobe Stock, she is exploring gender identities and diverse people in everyday situations, influenced by her personal experiences growing up in rural Southeast Asia, rendered in her colorful, holographic style.


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