Mizuho Call

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Tennessee, U.S.​

Artist Development Fund recipient, 2021

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Photograph of Mizuho Call in black and white. Medium closeup, headshot portrait. Solid white, creamy color background. Long black hair. A digital pen drawing of black hair.

Photograph of Mizuho Call in color. Medium closeup, headshot portrait. White, creamy color wall and part wood. Wear glasses. Wear a striped shirt. Digital white marker pen drawing around the figure and her glasses.

“I like drawing things that are humble and relatable. When I was struggling with depression, I focused on finding happiness. ...I realized that happiness is in everyday life.”

Meet Mizuho

Mizuho Call (she/her) is an illustrator, born and raised in Shiga, Japan. As a young person in Japan, she recalls she dreamt of a life in America after watching the Japanese dub of “Beverly Hills 90210.” After high school, she made that dream a reality by moving to a small town in Virginia, where she studied photography and graphic design, and subsequently embarked on a decade-long professional career as a designer and art director while raising her three children. She then decided to pursue her second dream: to become an illustrator.

2021 marks her 19th year in the U.S. and her receipt of recognition from the Adobe Stock Artist Development Fund. Her commission illustration collection presents details and memories of the lifestyle, food, and cultural artifacts of Japan in the form of minimalist, heartwarming, hand-drawn icons. Mizuho says, “This program has allowed me to reflect on and preserve one of the most important parts of me – my Japanese culture.”

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