Anna Neubauer

Collection Highlights

London, U.K.

Artist Development Fund recipient, 2021

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Portrait of a caucasian girl with brunette hair looking into the camera. She is sitting by a black table in front of a yellow background and she is wearing a black top with long sleeves. There is water dripping onto dried flowers that are attached to one side of her face and on the table in front of her. The tones of the image are warm and yellow.

Portrait of a caucasian girl with brunette hair leaned against a wall. Her eyes are closed and there is the shape of a moon projected onto the wall. It looks like she is resting her head on the moon. The tones of the image are warm and yellow.

“By showing raw and honest everyday-life moments, I want to tell inspiring stories of people who often don't get to be heard.”

Meet Anna

Anna Neubauer (she/her) is an Austrian photographer and visual artist based in London, U.K. Her initial forays into visual storytelling began with surreal and imaginative self-portraiture. She has kept that creative sensibility while growing into an experienced children’s and fine art portrait photographer. She has worked with numerous clients including Abercrombie & Fitch, Adobe, Harper's Bazaar, and more, and her work has been featured internationally.

Much of her work purposefully depicts diverse and disabled people, and she will continue to explore these subjects in her commission for Adobe Stock. “A lot of my work is centered on people with visible differences because I think the less diversity people see in their everyday lives, the more disconcerting they might find it,” Anna says. “For me, diversity does not exist without inclusion. I love creating storytelling images, unfolding stories that inspire me, hoping to inspire others.”


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