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Adobe Artist: Amanda Lobos

Get to know the Artist Development Fund, a creative commission program from Adobe Stock. As an expression of our commitment to inclusion, we’re looking for artists who self-identify with and expertly depict diverse communities within their work. The 2022 Artist Development Fund will award 40 global artists $7,500 each to bring their vision to life.

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How the Artist Development Fund works

What is the Fund for?

We created the Artist Development Fund to provide meaningful financial support to help artists overcome barriers to mounting creative productions, such as:

  • Renting venues
  • Equipment purchase/rental
  • Hiring models
  • Props, makeup, costumes, materials
  • Research expenses
  • Ally expenses*

*See Amplifying Voices section below for more information

Adobe Artist: Matelli Graves

Adobe Artist: Matelli Graves

Selection criteria

Fund recipients will be selected based on factors including:

  • Project alignment with the Advocates program mission
  • Resonance of their story
  • Aesthetic sensibility
  • Technical ability

Adobe Stock will collaborate with selected artists to execute creative productions inspired by one of the eight intersectional narrative creative briefs —or guided by their unique experiences and point of view to craft their own commission proposal.


As part of our commitment to expand accessibility and promote accurate cultural representation in stock, we’re making all content created with support from the Artist Development Fund available for licensing from the Adobe Stock free collection for one year. After that year, the content will then become part of the standard collection and artists will receive royalties when the content is licensed. Artists retain copyright of their work. See the full FAQ for complete terms and conditions.

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Adobe Artist: Biruoh

Adobe Artist: Lynne Hardy

Amplifying voices

We’re prioritizing content from self-identifying artists that authentically depicts the lives and experiences of:

  • Black people
  • Hispanic/Latinx people
  • Asian/Pacific Islander people
  • Indigenous people *
  • LGBTQ+ people
  • Disabled people *
  • Women (cis and trans inclusive)
  • Veterans *
  • People of different religions
  • People of different ages
  • People of all body and skin types

Artists will be able to take advantage of promotional opportunities to share their work, voices and personal stories with the Adobe community and our partners. Be seen and heard with Adobe Stock Advocates via Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock social channels, blogs and/or websites.

*Community members may engage an Ally for assistance in bringing their creative vision to life across stills or video. Please see the Advocates program FAQ on Adobe Helpx and contact for more details.

Explore the Creative Briefs


How do I apply for the Artist Development Fund?
If you identify as part of an underrepresented community, you can apply to become a candidate for the Artist Development Fund through the Adobe Creative Residency Program. Applications open February 22, 2022. You must be an existing Adobe Stock Contributor to apply for the Artist Development Fund. You can join for free here.
When will the Artist Development Fund open for submissions? When will selected projects begin?
We will begin accepting artist submissions on February 22, 2022. Funded projects will be selected on a monthly basis.
What types of assets will the Artist Development Fund commission?

Photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos.

A video stock footage clip is a 5-60 second clip that is either silent (no sound) or may have ambient natural sound. There are no voice-overs, narration or music. Video stock footage requires model releases if recognizable people are in the clips.

How much will artists receive from the Artist Development Fund?
The fund provides a flat amount of USD $7,500 per artist.
How is an “Ally” defined?

There are two ways to be an “Ally.” Full details available on the Advocates program FAQ on Adobe Helpx.

We encourage disabled, veteran, and/or Indigenous communities to consider this option.

Please contact for further information.

How many creative assets will the selected artists produce with support from the Artist Development Fund?
Selected artists will deliver video, photo, vector, or illustration assets. 2022 Requirements coming soon.
Do I have to be an Adobe Stock Contributor to apply for the Artist Development Fund?

Yes, you need to be an Adobe Stock Contributor to apply for funding. If you don’t have an account yet, please join here for free.

Becoming an Adobe Stock Contributor is simple. If you have great photos, videos, illustrations or vector content and you own all the copyrights, you can become an Adobe Stock Contributor. You must also be at least 18 years of age and the sole owner of every file you upload for sale. If your content contains recognizable persons or protected property, you also need to attach a signed release.

What is the difference between the Artist Development Fund and the Creative Residency Fund?
Both the Artist Development Fund and the Creative Residency Fund are Adobe programs dedicated to supporting artists. Learn more about the difference between these programs here
If I'm not accepted for the Artist Development Fund, can I still submit my content of underrepresented communities?
Yes! We encourage you to submit your content and hope that the Advocates program creative briefs are helpful and inspirational. Submit work responding to creative briefs directly to Adobe Stock for the standard collection

More questions? Find our full FAQ page here.



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