Introducing Project Shasta

AI-powered audio recording and editing, all in the web.

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An audio tool for people with stories to tell.

Next generation audio from Adobe is here. Record, transcribe, edit, share. Crisp and clear, every time.

Remote recording

Recording with others is as easy as sharing a link. Everyone’s audio is recorded in high quality locally, then Project Shasta syncs it back together in the cloud automatically.

Edit words, not waveforms

Powered by Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology, Project Shasta lets you easily edit audio using a transcript, all with industry leading accuracy.

AI-powered audio

Enhance Speech makes your project sound as if everything was recorded in a professional studio.

Get Mic Check’d

The Mic Check AI knows how a good mic setup should sound, and tells you the steps to make sure yours is crystal clear.

Project templates

Start with a template to make your workflow faster, or create and share one to collaborate with others.

See the future of audio in action

Watch the walkthrough of Project Shasta

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