Learn Quick Actions

In Photoshop Desktop, use the Search icon or keyboard shortcut Cmd+F / Ctrl+F to bring up the Discover Panel. Search “Quick Actions” to find 20 different ways to easily edit your photo.

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Remove a background

The most popular Quick Action. Cleanly remove the background of any photo in just one click and replace or refine as needed.

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Blur a background

This Quick Action adds a nice subtle blur to the background to make your subject stand out. Great for portraits.

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Smooth skin

Quickly and easily soften and smooth skin in any image. With just one click you can reduce any imperfection.

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Select a sky

Automatically select just a sky in your image with this Quick Action. From there, you can brighten, darken, remove, or make other edits to just the sky.

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Replace a sky

Not an official Quick Action, but still very fast. On desktop, open a photo with a sky, select a layer, then go to Edit > Sky Replacement and choose the sky you want. Add your own skies, too.

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