Get animated.

Use any of our example puppets in your own creations, or take them apart to learn new techniques. All are free to use however you want — no credit needed! Puppet files combine original artwork (Photoshop & Illustrator) + animation rigging (Character Animator) into one file.

Starter puppets

A collection of puppets optimized for Starter mode. These simple, beginner-friendly puppets have a visual controls panel for easy emotion & action triggering.

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Pro puppets

A collection of puppets for use with Pro mode. These characters have deep triggering systems, multiple behaviors, and more to give advanced users more flexibility.

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Puppet Maker styles

A library of styles (.maker files) for customizing your own characters in Character Animator’s Puppet Maker. Every style can create millions of unique puppets. For use in Pro mode.

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Third-party creators

Download free example puppets from third-party Character Animator artists, or browse their portfolios if you need a custom design. For use in Pro mode.

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Need some free example mouth shapes, backgrounds, sound fx, or more? These extra resources will help. For use in Pro mode.

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