Body Tracker

Live-perform 2D character animation using your body. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Body Tracker automatically detects human body movement using a web cam and applies it to your character in real time to create animation. For example, you can track your arms, torso, and legs automatically.

Free example puppets

You are free to download and use these puppets however you want - no credit needed. Several more free body tracking puppets are available on Character Aniamtor’s app homescreen.

Body Tracker Simple Example

A simple puppet shown in front and quarter views, both in torso and full body views. Includes a worksheet with helpful tips on performing and rigging with body tracking.


Aiko & Taro

Female and male anime characters with full body tracking enabled.


Ruby & Nia

Stylized female characters with body tracking as well as body turning. Try turning your body left and right to see them rotate.



Simple half torso character with basic arm tracking via the wrists. Try making gestures with your arms, like waving or scratching your head.



Full body character with an animated cycle layers pencil outline drawn in Adobe Fresco. Test out walking and dancing.


Simons the Fox

Cheerful Fox character with full body tracking and expressive triggers.


How does body tracking work?

Body tracking in Character Animator allows you to control your character’s animated performance with your own full body movements. You can use our free example puppets or make your own custom characters from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (PSD or AI) files.

1. Import a body-enabled puppet (File > Import > any .puppet file). When a character is selected in the timeline, if a Body behavior shows up in the right Properties panel, you’re good to go.

2. Turn the body tracking icon on (blue) in the Camera & Microphone panel.

3. Click the Calibrate button and step back from the camera during the countdown. Stand straight and set your arms diagonally to your side in an A position. You may need to adjust your camera and stand back further than you think to track all relevant parts. If rigged properly, your puppet should now be tracking your movements!

• When in doubt, press the scene refresh button in the lower-right corner of the Scene panel and click Calibrate again.

• Make sure you are in a well-lit area. Dark environments won’t track as well.

• If the puppet has a Dragger behavior, consider disarming it. Dragger, Walk, and other behaviors that would normally control limbs can fight with body tracking and create unexpected results.

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