Beta Preview: Body Tracker

Live-perform 2D character animation using your body. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Body Tracker automatically detects human body movement using a web cam and applies it to your character in real time to create animation. For example, you can track your arms, torso, and legs automatically. View the full release notes.


Free example puppets

You are free to download and use these puppets however you want - no credit needed. Please note that these will only work as expected in the Beta version of Character Animator (see below for more info).


Simple half torso character with basic arm tracking via the wrists. Try making gestures with your arms, like waving or scratching your head.



Full body character with an animated cycle layers pencil outline drawn in Adobe Fresco. Test out walking and dancing.



A full body frog character with long limbs. To try crouching and jumping, increase Face > Head Position strength to 400%.



A colorful arm tracked character with head turns and tons of emotion triggers. Try turning your head while waving.



Full body character with head turns. Try punching and kicking.



Giant gorilla with arm tracking and a nutcracker jaw style mouth. Try beating your chest and pounding the ground.


How do I join the Character Animator Beta?

In the Creative Cloud Desktop app, click Beta apps in the left sidebar. Here you’ll see all Adobe apps with Beta versions that you can join. Click the Install or Update button next to Character Animator (Beta) to download it. This version will install separately from the current shipping version of Character Animator (4.2) and has a blueprint themed icon. Note that you need to be subscribed to the Creative Cloud All Apps plan to access both Character Animator and its Beta program.

How can I give you feedback?

We are opening up body tracking to a wider release to get more feedback, so we can continue to improve it before an official launch. The best place to give us feedback is in the official Character Animator (Beta) forum.

Any feedback, good or bad, is much appreciated (you won’t hurt our feelings). Here’s some of the stuff we’re most interested in:

  • Is the body tracking working accurately? If not, how does it stop working? (If you can share a video of this in action that would be great.)
  • Did anything surprise or confuse you, or not work as you expected?
  • Are there any additional features or controls we should add before a full public release?

Note that the Beta app changes often (sometimes daily), so keep checking back to see what we’ve added / fixed. If you click the flask icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll learn about what changes have been added since your last visit.

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