Auto-swap lets you automatically switch between different artwork layers, like hand or arm positions, as your puppet moves. This allows your character to have a more customized, frame-by-frame look for certain elements mixed with real time performance capture, thanks to a new behavior called Leader/Follower.

Free example puppets

You are free to download and use these puppets however you want — no credit needed. To import a puppet, go to File > Import and select the .puppet file, or double-click it on your desktop.


Arm swap example puppet with 26 different arm positions. Created by Kevin McMahon.


Aha Chicky

Cute multiframe baby chick animation that cracks open the egg as you drag the mouse up. Created by Kevin McMahon.


Auto-swap Examples

A project showing four examples of the Leader/Follower behavior and Auto-swap: holding a sword with two hands, holding a coffee cup with one hand, a unicycling robot, and a fire-breathing dragon snake.


How do I use Auto-swap?

  • Create a group with independent contents inside. In your original PSD or AI file, create a group including your artwork in multiple positions. For example, this might be a Left Arm group filled with 10 different possible arm & hand positions. Make sure the contents are all independent by adding a + in front of each layer name.
  • Add the Leader/Follower behavior to your top level character. Add the new Leader/Follower behavior to the root of your character, alongside your normal behaviors like Face and Eye Gaze.
  • Create and tag your leader layer. Find the layer you want to start with and add a new blank handle onto where you want to drag it from. Press Enter to bring up a name dialog, and type in a unique name for your handle, like guide. Then, with this handle selected, tag it as Draggable and Leader.
  • Create and tag your follower layers. On every other layer, create a blank handle, name it the same as the leader (guide in our above example), and tag it as Follower. Repeat this process until every layer in your group has either a Leader- or Follower- tagged handle.
  • Create an Auto-swap set. Drag your group into the Triggers panel over the “Create swap set” drop zone. Select the newly created swap set title and check the “Auto-swap” checkbox below to change this into an automatically triggered swap set.
  • Test out your scene. Now if you try out a scene and drag over your artwork, you should see your artwork automatically change as it moves from position to position.

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